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Some publications put Illinois’ annual waste generation at more than 19 million tonnes a year – that’s a huge number. And despite many big organizations doing everything they can to help the state’s residents cut down on waste going to dumps and landfills, sometimes it’s just inevitable. Lucky for you, that means there are still hundreds of transfer stations, dumps, and landfills where you can unload your trash. With even more being approved in recent times as well.

You’ll find these sites in areas such as Chicago, Urbana, Wilmington, Rochelle, Rockford, Pontiac, Clinton, and many more towns and cities across the state.

Trash accept at these locations include common items such as generic household waste like papers, plastics, glassware, yard waste, white goods, and electronics. Some will also accept construction materials, scrap metals, tires, and other car parts. If you’re looking to dump something that may be hazardous, please make sure it gets to the right location as they can cause havoc for local councils unable to process them. Just give them a quick call to see if they can accept whatever you have.

Illinois has quite a few large, private organizations throughout the state that own and operates dumps and landfills, quite similar to Florida and California. This is because the total population is so high compared to other states that private organizations are almost a necessity. Of course, you’ll also find many of these sites are managed by the local counties themselves.

Remember though, that you may be charged a fee to dump your trash at one of the landfills or transfer stations. This generally depends on whether you’re a local resident of the county, how much trash you’re dumping, and what type of trash you’re dumping. If you’re not sure whether it’ll cost you anything or not, give them a quick call beforehand.

To start your search for a dump near your in Illinois, simply enter your location on the map and go from there. Otherwise, you can scroll through the list below to see all the locations across the state.

Lastly, if you know of any more transfer stations, dumps, or landfills near you that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add them in. Thank you!

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List of Illinois Garbage Dumps

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The most common types of trash you can dump include materials such as construction materials, household waste, scrap metal, yard waste, plastics, glassware, tires, and other car parts. If you think your items may be dangerous of hazardous, please give them a call beforehand to check if they can safely process your waste.

Unless you’re a resident of the county where the dump or landfill is located, it’s quite likely you will be charged a fee to dump there. This will depend on what types of materials you’re dumping and how much you’re dumping. To avoid any unwanted surprises, simply give them a quick call to confirm the pricing.