Find Alaska Garbage Dumps & Landfills Near You

Get rid of your unwanted items at dumps and landfills in Alaska

Big bulldozer clearing landfill with seagulls flying around

Want to throw out or get rid of some trash you’ve been holding on to? Or recently finished a job that’s resulted in a heap of waste materials? Head to your local dump or landfill in Alaska and get rid of it all in one go.

Whether you dump it at a landfill or transfer station, some of the most commonly accepted items include construction materials, household goods, yard waste, and scrap metals. If you want to donate something else, give them a call before to check.

You’ll find landfills in Anchorage, Central Peninsula, South Cushman, and more. Although not everyone’s too happy about the plans to continue Juneau’s landfill operations for another 20 years, with many claiming the stink has been getting stinkier than usual recently.

Almost all of the landfills in Anchorage and owned, operated and managed by the government and local counties. So if you have any more questions about the landfill, give your local government a call and they should be able to help you out.

If you know of any more landfills around Alaska that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add them in. Happy dumping!

Bricks and construction waste ready for the dump

List of Alaska Garbage Dumps

Scroll through the list of dumps below or use the map to find one near you


The dumps and landfills will accept commons items such as yard waste, household goods, green waste, scrap metals, and more. If you want to trash something different like hazardous material, give them a call to make sure they can handle it.

The fee to dump your trash depends on how heavy it weighs and the type of material being dumped. All dumps charge different, so please visit their website or give them a call for accurate pricing.