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Get rid of your unwanted items at dumps and landfills in Washington

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More than 11 million tonnes of waste material was generated in Washington in 2018. And what, unfortunately, doesn’t end up getting recycled, has to go somewhere. That’s usually one of the many dumps, landfills, or transfer stations around the state. That’s good news if you’re looking to get rid of some trash, as it means there’s likely a dump near you ready to take it off your hands.

You’ll find dumps all around the state in areas such as Seattle, Olympia, Pasco, Maple Valley, Tacoma, Everett, Spokane, Sumner, Oak Harbor, Renton, Ritzville, and many more. Please note that if you have hazardous material, check if the location you’re visiting can safely process it without damaging the environment.

Finding a dump near you is easy, just scroll through the list of all of them below, or head over to the map and enter your location.

Like a lot of the dumps in Virginia and other states around the US, many here in Washington are owned by the local counties. Fees at these locations are set by the county and can go up or down. Give your local county’s office a call or visit their website for up-to-date pricing. Tipping fees are generally higher at dumps that are privately owned.

Do you know of a dump or transfer station near you that isn’t listed below? Please let us know so we can add them in! We have the largest list of dumps in the US and plan to keep it that way – thank you!

Scrap metals like steel ready for the dump

List of Washington Garbage Dumps

Scroll through the list of dumps below or use the map to find one near you


You can dump as much as you want within reason. Don’t expect they’ll be happy if you turn up with truckloads of unorganized waste. Also keep in mind that fees to vary depending on how much you’ve got.

If you have something that’s toxic or potentially hazardous to the environment, please make sure the location you’re visiting is able to process if safely and effectively.