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Millions of tonnes of waste materials end up in Missouri landfills every year, And despite Missouri’s State Recycling Program recycling more than 10 million pounds of waste in 2019, there is still a great need for landfills and dumps around the state. And with new ones still being built, that means there’s likely a dump near you that’ll happily accept your waste.

You’ll find these dumps, landfills, and transfer stations all across the state in regions such as St Louis, Columbia, La Grange, El Dorado Springs, Kansas City, Jefferson City, Ravenwood, Bethany, Sugar Creek, and many more.

Generic household waste, white goods, electronics, homewares, car parts, and construction rubble are a few of the most commonly accepted items. If you have waste that could be toxic or hazardous, make sure the landfill can process it effectively without impacting on those near the dump.

The vast majority of dumps in Missouri are owned by the local counties. This is great news for residents who already live in those counties, as you’ll likely receive discounted tipping fees when paying them a visit.

There are also a few privately owned and operated dumps, just like in California, who operated on a for-profit business model. Expect tipping fees to be slightly higher here.

Keep in mind that fees also vary depending on what type of materials you’re dumping and how much you have.

Simply enter your address in the map to find the closest dump near you, or scroll through the list below to see them all.

If you know of any more dumps, landfills, or transfer stations around the state that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add them in. Thank you!

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List of Missouri Garbage Dumps

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The most commonly accepted materials accept by most of the dumps include scrap metals, papers, glassware, construction rubble, household goods, yard waste, etc. If you have something that’s a little out of the orindary, give them a quick call to make sure they can accept it.

According to the Missouri Office of Administration, the average tipping fee in 2019 was $62.42. This will go up and down depending on what you’re dumping, and how much you’ve got.