Bulldozer working on a landfill site


Find a Dump is America's largest garbage dump and landfill locator. There are more than 1,400 locations across the country that would be more than happy to take some of your unwanted trash off your hands.

The dumps you find accept a wide range of different trash categories such as white goods, household waste, toxic items, yard trash, construction material, and more. If you're not sure whether the landfill you want to dump at can accept your goods, give them a call beforehand to double-check.

A wide range of different organizations own and operate these transfer stations and landfills. Some of the biggest operators include Waste Management Inc, Green For Life, Waste Connections Inc, Rumpke, and Republic Services. Of course, the vast majority of the landfills are managed by local counties.

Please be aware that dumping at these locations may require a fee to be paid - depending on the types of goods being dumped and the total weight of the items.

To start you search for the nearest dump near you, select your city from the menu or visit the map and enter your location to get started.

Happy dumping!