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Get rid of your unwanted items at dumps and landfills in Rhode Island

Computer mouse and other electronics ready for landfill

Despite Rhode Island having a relatively small population, there is still a great need for landfills, dumps, and transfer stations around the state. In saying that, as recycling rates increase, we are likely to see less and less solid waste ending up at dumps – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t needed now.

You’ll still find dumps all across the state in areas such as Newport, Providence, Jamestown, Warwick, Westerly, Johnston, and many more locations.

To find a dump near you in Rhode Island, simply enter your location into the map or scroll through the list below to see them all.

Like many of the dumps and transfer stations in Texas, most of the ones in Rhode Island are owned and operated by the local counties. Tipping fees here are generally lower than those at a private dump.

If you know of any more dumps near you that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add them in.

Old wheel rims in a transfer station

List of Rhode Island Garbage Dumps

Scroll through the list of dumps below or use the map to find one near you