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Across the state of Texas, there are hundreds of garbage dumps, landfills, and transfer stations. Many have been in operations for decades, whilst some have just been newly opened. And they’re needed because according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, more than 36 million tonnes of waste headed to landfills across the state in 2020. Some dumps are even filling up so fast, local counties are considering increasing tipping fees to deter people from dumping. But despite all that, we’re here to help you unload your trash and find the nearest dump to you.

You’ll find dumps, landfills, and transfer stations all across the state in areas such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, Bay City, Irving, Seymour, El Paso, Hawkins, Pipe Creek, and many more. There’s even a new landfill proposed for the Carverdale area, but that’s facing harsh opposition from local residents.

Most of these locations will accept generic types of waste including construction rubble like sand, bricks, and scrap metals, as well as general household waste like yard waste, white goods, electronics, papers, plastics, and more. Others will also accept car parts like tires. However, if you have some potentially hazardous or dangerous material that may need special processing before it’s dumped, please call ahead before you head down to see if they can accept your materials.

Similar to California, Illinois, and Florida, most of the dumps in Texas are owned and operated by local counties. This means that if you’re a resident of the county you’re dumping at, you may not be charged a fee. Keep in mind though, that you may be charged a fee depending on what materials you’re dumping and how much it weighs.

If you plan on dumping at one of the many privately owned sites around the state, you will likely be charged a fee. Give them a call before you head down to confirm pricing.

To find a dump near you in Texas, simply scroll through the list below to see them all. Otherwise, you can enter your location on the map and go from there.

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List of Texas Garbage Dumps

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The most common types of trash you can dump include materials such as construction materials, household waste, scrap metal, yard waste, plastics, glassware, tires, and other car parts. If you think your items may be dangerous of hazardous, please give them a call beforehand to check if they can safely process your waste.

Unless you’re a resident of the county where the dump or landfill is located, it’s quite likely you will be charged a fee to dump there. This will depend on what types of materials you’re dumping and how much you’re dumping. To avoid any unwanted surprises, simply give them a quick call to confirm the pricing.