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According to the Brigham Young University in Idaho, all the states in the US combined only recycle 32% of their total waste. That means there’s still a huge demand for landfills and dumps around the country to process all the rest of it, and Idaho is no different. There are plenty of dumps in Idaho near you, meaning you likely won’t have to travel too far to find one. Be quick though, because some are expanding so fast that their lifespans have been greatly reduced.

Across the states, you’ll find dumps, landfills, and transfer stations in Shelley, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Boise, Spirit Lake, Donnely, and many more locations.

Some of the most commonly accepted waste items and these ever-increasing dumps include general household waste, unusable construction materials, white goods, scrap metals, yard waste, papers, plastics, glassware, and more. If you have some trash that’s a little bit out of the ordinary or possibly hazardous, give them a quick call ahead to check if they can accept your items.

Unlike some other regions such as California and Florida, most of the dumps in Idaho are municipal sites, meaning their publicly owned and operated by the local councils. Of course, there are plenty of private for-profit companies that process various types of waste as well.

Before you head down to unload your trash, keep in mind that some sites will charge a fee. These vary depending on if you’re a resident of the local county, what type of materials you’re unloading, and how much of it you have. Again, just give them a quick call to double-check.

To start your search for a dump nearby, simply enter your location into the map to get started, otherwise, you can scroll through the list below to see them all.

One last note – if you know any more transfer stations or dumps near you that aren’t listed, please let us know so we can add them in. Thank you!

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List of Idaho Garbage Dumps

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The most common types of trash include yard waste, general household waste, construction material, papers, plastics, glassware, and more. Consider recycling your trash if it’s possible instead of dumping it at a landfill.

More often than not you will be charged a fee to dump. This may changed if you’re a resident of the county. Give them a quick call to avoid any unwanted surprises when you head down.